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I grew up in Oslo–it’s urban, our house is in a street. In winter I skied, the slopes are just 30 minutes away from the house so I was on skis by the time I was two! At eight I was skiing with a club and entering so many national races – Alpine Racing, Slalom, Super Slalom, then when I was 15 Super G and Downhill. I was actually pretty good, especially at Slalom, always 2nd and 3rd in the big races. Now I just ski for fun with friends; the year before Junior World Cups I stopped competing to concentrate on Mountain-bikes.

I started riding bikes when I was nine with my big brother in the mountains in Italy. My mum and dad split when I was one so I have two very different types of holiday; with my mum I’ll go the beach and chill, but with my dad there is always skis or boats or kayaks and climbing ropes on the roof! He’s a climbing instructor and used to be a fighter pilot flying F16s, he’s an awesome mechanic, he tried to teach me but it was so nerdy! At the moment he’s part way through a round the world trip on his boat with my step-mum and little brother. So far I’ve flown out to see them in Gran Canaria and the Caribbean and we met up at Crankworx in New Zealand. I was at Crankworx with my boyfriend, Kaos Seagrave. We got home 5 days before the Covid-19 lockdown and then we were apart for 3 months. That was so hard, usually we’d be jumping on plane every other week to see each other. He lives in Wales, handily close to Atherton HQ! It was brilliant when he was allowed to fly to Norway at the end of June we rode everyday – I think having fun on the bike has made me a much more confident racer.

My mum, Hilde is Korean. We went there in 2005 and I met loads of her family – we were supposed to go back this summer. I love Asian food–she cooks noodles, sushi and stuff, I never really thought about it being different until a friend from school came for dinner! Norwegian food is more based around salmon and meatballs!

For the past 3 years I’ve been a boarder at a specialist Sports College inLillehammer. I share a flat with a friend and I’m pretty independent but I still miss my mum a lot. The best thing I know is coming home; she’ll always have dinner cooked and my bed ready and she knows when I need space to recharge–everything at school or World Cups is so noisy and full on. We definitely have a close bond, we hang out like normal teenage friends doing our nails and stuff, its always been the two of us.

I first met Rachel at Hafjell in 2013. I was supposed to be course sweeper but it turned out I was too young so I got to give out the timing chips instead with Laurie Greenland! I was on a team with Brage (Vestavik) and we had a few sponsors and I had an instagram account already – I was on a training camp in Spain when Rach commented on my post. You can imagine how excited I was! Brage went to Da Vinci and I joined the Atherton Academy – it was unreal. At first it was me and Kade, then Jamie Cable and Luke Williamson joined too. It was at that point I decided that I needed to quit skiing and really commit to racing Downhill. There were some awesome training camps with the Athertons and Taylor Vernon then Muddy (Graeme Mudd, Trek Factory Racing 2017). And an amazing Academy camp in Dyfi where Affy was coaching and helping us out – I still think about those pointers all the time. It was raining and snowing – and so cool! One of the best weekends ever!

The winter of 2018/19 was super scary. I’d been riding Trek for 5 years and I knew that was over but I had no clue what was next. Somehow my dad had the idea and he said “Do you think they’ll make their own bike? But I didn’t really believe it until Dan Brown sent me a contract! I signed before I even saw the bike but I knew that if Dan, Gee and Rach decided to make a bike it would be a good one. By the time I got to ride my Atherton Bike it was only a few weeks to the World Cup but I felt at home right away. I’ve never been the best at feeling small changes but immediately this bike made me feel safer, more confident. That’s amazing on a bike you’ve only ridden a few times. For the first time I understand the difference that a few mm, or a few extra psi can make – it’s definitely made me a better rider.

Winning my first World Cup at Val di Sole was unreal! It’s such a hard, technical track. At track walk it rained and I was so scared. But Kaos was showing me lines in practice and it turned out to be super-fun, the sun came out and I qualified in 2nd. I never really read too much into quals – was Vali pushing? But when I woke up for Finals I felt good, normally I’m really nervous. My mum was with me for her 2nd race of the year and she had this really strong good feeling too. It was so mental. I had a smooth run but I messed up at the end, my foot was off and I was nearly off track. I was 27 seconds ahead of Anna (Newkirk) and I was already really happy with that and I’d have been second but Pete (Michaliszyn, Atherton Racings head technician 2011-19) was saying “Look at the board!!” at the 3rd split Vali was practically neck and neck with me but by the 4th she was a second behind and she crossed the line 1.09 back. I was screaming, and crying, hugging my mum and my stepdad and Pete and Kaos... I’ll never forget it.

Last season’s disruption was so hard, such a weird situation. I’ve never ridden so much in the off season, never had so much fun or felt so great on my bike. Weirdly, moving up to the Elites and taking on people who’ve been racing since I was born feels like less pressure than last year–sure its scary, but in a fun way. I plan to keep on pushing and we’ll see where that lands! The first few weeks of 2021 I’ve been staying with Kaos in North Wales, I miss the snow (and my mum!) but I’m getting more time on the bike than ever. I’ve been testing the 150 on some of the steepest, muddy trails you’ve ever seen and I absolutely love it!

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