“We’ve spent our lives developing and racing, now is the time to bring Atherton Bikes to the trails”

- Dan, Gee and Rachel Atherton


Dan teaches Rachel to ride and persuades Gee to buy his first bike for £10.

  1998 BMX south west _edited_edited.jpg


10 year old Dan builds his first bike.


The Athertons start riding Downhill.


 Gee wins his first World Cup and is 2nd at Red Bull Rampage.


Dan, Gee and Rachel make it an Atherton National Championships hat trick at Fort William.


 Dan, Gee and Rachel score a World Cup hat-trick in Andorra, with Gee and Rachel winning in Downhill and Dan in 4X.


Gee and Rachel are double World Champions


Rachel's Perfect Season, 7 out of 7 World Cup wins and the World Championship.


 Dan starts his Enduro career with a 2nd at Megavalanche and 5 out of 5 stage wins in the Superenduro Finals


Gee wins the World Series overall and takes the silver atRed Bull Rampage for the second time.

Dan crashes at the dirt jumps breaking his neck at C1 vertebrae.


Rachel wins her first World Championships (Junior).


Welcome to Atherton Bikes

To say this brand has been a lifetime in the making is no exaggeration, Dan built his first bike in 1992 when he was just 10 years old. But more recently our dream of pushing bike development as hard as we push our riding has become irresistible.


We started Atherton Racing so that we could push boundaries; from building tracks, to producing edits or events it’s all been about doing it our way.


Now feels like the right time to put our hearts and soul into our own bike company, designing a range of bikes with the same attention to detail we apply to our racing. Atherton Bikes utilises ground-breaking additive manufacturing technologies combined with carbon fibre tubing to create our ultimate range of bikes.

From the beginning we’ve known how important it is to create an amazing team, thats why we choose to partner with renowned suspension designer Dave Weagle, Dragons’ Den entrepreneur Piers Linney and three amazing guys, Ed, Ben and Andy formerly of Robot Bike Co. We were never going to be a carbon copy of the Far East model so when the stars aligned and the opportunity to do this came up we jumped at it. 

Having the right bike for you and the stage you are at with your riding can transform your experience. 

- Gee Atherton

We have started with what we know best, focusing on high level product designed to be ridden aggressively! This year we’ll race our own prototype bike and bring that downhill bike to market, along with a range of trail bikes. The beauty of the additive manufacturing process is that it’s so responsive that we’re able to get our race bikes dialled in much more quickly and each production bike will benefit from every part of this development. 

Having the right bike for you and the stage you are at with your riding can transform your experience. Our big goal is to see kids, all mountain explorers, bike park shredders, racers and e-bikers enjoying our bikes 

Join us!

- Dan, Gee and Rachel Atherton

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