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That’s the start and end point for every new product at Atherton Bikes.

We like simplicity and our design process is guided by engineering principles, this means the way our bikes look directly relates to how they will be strongest and perform best. We use the most cutting-edge technologies to make sure that your Atherton bike will be perfect for you and your riding…we’ve always dreamed that our bikes would be more accessible to more riders and our new aluminium range achieves just that.

Time and time again riders told us that our A range bikes are not only great fun but they give you the confidence to progress as a rider. That was front and centre in the design brief for the new S-range.

We started to design our new range with a very clear idea of what we wanted to achieve but with a blank piece of paper in terms of how best to get there. The design team were almost disappointed when after exploring countless different approaches and assessing them against some very stringent criteria they found that the lug and tube construction method came out a clear winner!

Frame construction principles

We believe that the lug and tube construction method is an amazing way to create super-strong bikes that are suitable for today’s tougher usage. In our aluminium range the lugs are created using CNC machining and joined to drawn Aluminium tubes. Because we bond our frames using an epoxy adhesive rather than welding we can use 7075 Aluminium. 7075 has 70% higher fatigue performance and 70% higher ultimate tensile strength (UTS) when compared to weldable alternatives such as 6061 Aluminium. It also means that we avoid “heat affected” zones, which are the cause of most failures in aluminium bikes (usually failing right next to a weld). In common with the A-range we’ve moved the joints away from areas of peak stress and employ an innovative double lap shear joint design for maximum strength.

Fit Calculator

Our S-range comes in 12 standard sizes – that’s a lot more sizes than any of our competitors.

Simply input your height, inside leg and arm span into our Fit Calculator and we’ll calculate the closest size for you. This offering brings to bear 15 years of race team experience on how fit improves both performance and rider confidence. Our S-range geometry incorporates all of our learnings from the award-winning A-range to make sure that you’ll always be in the perfect position on your bike, allowing you to consistently ride your best.

DW4 Platform

Our S-range bikes are built around Dave Weagle’s world -renowned 4-bar linkage system. Like the DW6 that’s found on our A-range the DW4 platform offers a ride with spectacular in-use sensation. The DW4 is a simpler, more durable and lower cost solution which still delivers a progressive kinematic. With a similar style to the more adjustable DW6 it offers outstanding small bump sensitivity and optimal ride height without being too firm at the end of the stroke.

FEA (Finite Element Analysis)

Our aluminium frames are developed using the principles of infinite-life to ensure maximum strength and durability.

We use a mathematical approach called Topology Optimisation to refine material layout for many elements of the frame. Following this the parts are developed iteratively alongside Finite Element Analysis (FEA), simulating the most extreme forces that the frame will experience in use. This means that we can provide the lightest possible design for a given set of loads and boundary conditions while avoiding metal fatigue.

We offer a lifetime warranty to the original owner in full confidence that our frames will be rugged, durable and joy to ride for a very long time.

Aluminium Tubes

We have designed our aluminium tube profiles to be light, strong and durable whilst providing optimal stiffness. Each tube is specifically designed to meet the requirements of its role on the bike, and you’ll notice something about the square sections on the rear end.

Because we bond rather than weld our bikes, we can use the super strong Aluminium 7075 - which has better absolute and lifetime strength than more commonly used alloys but doesn't react well to heat – and because the tubes are symmetrical what benefit.

CNC’D lugs in aluminium 7075

Our lugs are currently made for us externally using an innovative approach to CNC Machining; it’s a cutting-edge application of an established manufacturing method and, with a small hit on weight, we’ve been able to replicate the double-lap shear joints which make our bikes so indestructible.

Double Lap Shear Joints

The lugs join to the aluminium tubes using double lap shear joints, pioneered for use in aircraft, to ensure maximum joint reliability. Using an innovative approach to CNC machining, we have been able to recreate the thin walls and optimised joint profiles, proven out by the A-range models.

Double-lap shear -joints allow us to the ‘insertion-squeeze-flow’ method of bonding to ensure an even and complete coverage of adhesive within the joint.

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“The smooth, composed, quiet ride allows you to focus on going really fast with minimal drama.”

Mick Kirkman, MBR