How We Build Your Bike

Subtractive Manufacturing

How we build your bike

Using lug and tube construction means that our new S-range can incorporate all the learnings from our award-winning A-range so expect perfect-fit, super-strong bikes with high-performance and playful ride characteristics guaranteed. You’ll find the geometry remarkably similar (we all love it so why change?!) but for the S-range, rather than print our lugs in titanium they are created in 7000 series aluminium using CNC machining. After that the process will look very familiar as we bond the new lugs to aluminium tubes. Because we build all our frames in Machynlleth every bike is treated with the same level of perfectionism that you’d expect from an Atherton Bike.

step 1
Fit Calculator

Our fit calculator is specific to the model and manufacturing method you chose. Input your height, arm span and inside leg measurements. For the S-range our algorithm will recommend the closest fitting stock size (we offer 12 sizes which means that you’ll get a near to perfect fit – allowing you to ride your best

step 2

Our lugs are currently made for us externally using an innovative approach to CNC Machining; it’s a cutting-edge application of an established manufacturing method and, with a small hit on weight, we’ve been able to replicate the double-lap shear joints which make our bikes so indestructible.

step 3
Alu tubes

We use custom-profile drawn aluminium tubing which arrives with us in 3m lengths. We designed these tubes to provide the right strength and stiffness characteristics while being able to withstand the specific loads for their application. Each side of the rear triangle is machined from one piece of 7075 aluminium plate which allows us to refine the ride-feel.

step 4

The whole bike, both lugs and tubes is now anodised. This stabilises the surface of the parts (prevents corrosion) and creates a good surface topography for the adhesive to adhere to. This process creates the final finish on your bike and protects it against wear.

step 5
Rigorous Quality Checks

We have always been famously perfectionist and it’s absolutely vital for us that we’re proud to put our name on the downtube of every bike that leaves our HQ. Our engineers share this point of view, taking as much care over every build as if it were their own. Every frame passes a series of rigorous quality checks before its final assembly.

step 6

Because we bond rather than weld our frames we can use 7075 Aluminium which has 70% higher fatigue performance and 70% higher ultimate tensile strength (UTS) when compared to weldable alternatives (i.e. 6061 Aluminium). We use double lap shear joints which are insanely strong alongside a well-proven toughened epoxy adhesive.

step 7
Assembly and Final QC

Initially we’re offering three builds, from the most affordable Build 3 to the prestigious Build 1 so there’s something for everybody. Luca is in charge of assembling all of our bikes and he checks every bolt as if it were destined for the World Cup circuit. The finished bikes are part dis-assembled, parcelled up in 100% recyclable packaging and dispatched to you wherever you are in the world.

“The smooth, composed, quiet ride allows you to focus on going really fast with minimal drama.”

Mick Kirkman, MBR