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What is so good about Atherton Bikes?

We’re putting our hearts and souls into creating and growing our bike company, designing a range of bikes with the same attention to detail we apply to winning a World Cup Series or to designing components for Airbus. Atherton Bikes utilises revolutionary additive manufacturing technologies combined with bespoke carbon fibre tubing to create our ultimate range of bikes.

We started with what we know best, focusing on high-level product designed to be ridden aggressively. In our first race-season on board the bikes we took three World Cup wins. But not everybody is a racer, our dream is to see kids, all mountain explorers, bike park shredders, racers and e-bikers enjoying our bikes.

Whatever your skill-level or preferred riding style we believe that a high quality, correctly fitted bike that delivers a stable and composed ride is key to an awesome riding experience and to your progression as a rider. Our first customers all feel the same way – “I feel more confident, and I ride faster” and “You ride better on this bike.”

Who is behind Atherton Bikes and what do Dan, Gee and Rachel actually do there?

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