"we/us/our" - Atherton Bikes Limited

"you/your" - The Customer

The warranty

The warranty applies to all bicycle frames, including made to measure or bespoke frames, purchased from us. We guarantee that all frames will be free from defects in the materials or workmanship for the lifetime of the product. Where the frame develops a fault which is due to a defect in the materials used or the workmanship we will repair the frame free of charge. If we cannot repair it we will inform you of this and offer a like for like replacement.

The warranty does not cover damage to paint or anodizing damage.

The warranty also does not cover any items purchased other than bicycle frames and does not include the consumable components of the bike. Consumable components are those components which have are typically expected to need replacing within a 12 month period of being fitted to the bike. Consumable components include:
• Tyres;
• Chain
• Cassette;
• Grips;
• Chainring;
• Brakepads;
• Cables

This list is not exhaustive and if you are not sure whether a component is covered by the warranty please contact us to discuss it further.

All other original parts or components which are not covered by this warranty may be covered by a warranty from the original manufacturer.

We are only able to offer the warranty where:
1. the frame has been maintained according to the care and maintenance instructions which were provided to you at the point of sale; and
2. the bicycle has been used only according to the description in the product manual.

Repairs which are not covered by the warranty

The following damage is not covered by the warranty:
• Normal wear and tear;
• Crash damage, including impact to carbon fibre elements or other overloading;
• Improper assembly;
• Corrosion;
• Modifications to the frame;
• Damage as a result of not adhering to the minimum inserts of depth of seat post;
• Damage caused by excessive load outside of what is expected in normal riding;
• Impact damage (for example caused by collisions);
• Damage caused as a result of transportation of the bike, including transport where the bike was attached to a vehicle or a lift.

• Damage which we (in our sole discretion) assess to be the result of a lack of care and maintenance, or maintenance which is not in line with the maintenance instructions which have been provided to you.

• Damage caused by the use of non-compatible components with the bike frame. A full list of components which are compatible with the bike frame are set out in the product manual.

How to make a claim

To make a claim you should contact us by phone or email. You will need to provide your name, details of your frame, a copy of your original purchase order and the date of the original purchase.

We will ask for a description of the fault and photographs or a video showing the fault. We will carry out an assessment based on the images provided and make a decision on whether the fault is covered by the warranty and inform you of our decision. Where necessary we will request further information from you. In some circumstances we may need to carry out a physical inspection of the frame before we can make a decision and if this is the case we will require that the bike is returned to our workshop. You can either bring the bike back to our workshop or alternatively we can arrange to collect it from you.

If the damage or fault is covered by the warranty we will arrange a date for you to bring the bike to our workshop, or for us to collect the bike, so that we can repair it (provided that you have not already brought the bike to our workshop so that we may assess the damage).

All decisions about whether the damage or fault is covered by the warranty will be made at our sole discretion.


We aim to complete the repair within 90 days of you returning the bike to us. If there is a delay in carrying out the repair we will write to you to inform you of this.

If we need to replace your bicycle frame we will aim to do this within 90 days of informing you that we will replace the bike. Where we need to replace the frame it will be a like for like replacement, or if the same frame is not available, we will replace it with a frame of an equivalent standard.

We will return your repaired bike, or replacement bicycle frame, to you free of charge. Alternatively you can collect the bike from our premises.

If you are not the original owner

This warranty is personal to the person who purchased the bike frame from us and we are only able to offer the warranty to such person.

Other claims

The repair or replacement offered through this warranty is your sole remedy for a defective bicycle frame.

We will not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential losses arising from the purchase, use or ownership of the bicycle by you, including for personal injury, property damage or economic loss (except where it would be unlawful to do so, including where death or personal injury is as a result of our negligence).