Opening up even more trails

Built on the DW6 suspension platform this bike is light on the climbs but super-capable for a sick descent - the perfect combo for a big adventure. The Atherton Trail Bike has passed all the most stringent Cat 4 (Enduro) and Cat 5 tests (Downhill) from EFBE with flying colours. Not only do we offer 22 sizes for a perfect physical fit, but this bike comes in two very distinct versions so wherever you ride you can be sure of a top day out.


DW6 Kinematic

Dave Weagle’s DW6 linkage and a custom-tuned shock provide outstanding small bump sensitivity, optimal ride height and a progressive kinematic.

Lightweight walls 

 Through FEA simulation have reduced the wall thickness by removing .25mm over the whole lug. We put the bike through the same test procedure as our downhill bike and low and behold it's passed the EFBE test with flying colours.


Rugged Downtube Protector

All our bikes come equipped with a rugged downtube protector designed and manufactured in the UK using multi-jet fusion technologies, impacts are dampened and dispersed across a larger area.

Designed by Champions

Our geometry is designed by World Champions for best ever bike-handling, improved confidence and maximum fun for all riding styles.


Chassis Compliance

We’ve worked hard to perfect the compliance of our chassis. Custom carbon tubing offers the perfect intersection of flexibility and stiffness for a calm, composed but playful ride.

Perfect Fit

We believe that a perfect fit can transform your ride experience so we offer more sizes than our competitors, from 410mm reach bto 530mm as well as custom sizing options.


No Threads, No Problem

There’s nothing as annoying as a stripped thread so the only threaded part on our bikes is the BB; for the rest, barrel nuts and standard fasteners mean you'll never have to hunt a custom part again!

Individually Hand-Crafted

All of our frames are individually hand-crafted in our Machynlleth facility with around 16 hours spent to perfect every set of laser-printed lugs.


Port-to-Port Cable Routing

Our bikes feature port-to-port cable routing with an internal sleeve guiding the cables through the frame. This approach offers a clean and sleek aesthetic, eradicates rattle and makes maintenance as easy as for an externally routed system.

Your Bike, Your Way

Looking for your dream build? Use our standard builds as a spring-board for your own spec, we can supply anything from frame plus shock to a complete bike… 


Expert Advice

Buying a bike isn’t easy, whether you want to find out more about our geometry or need help selecting a bike that best suits the terrain that you ride - we're only an email or a phone call away.


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2 colours

“The smooth, composed, quiet ride allows you to focus on going really fast with minimal drama.”

Mick Kirkman, MBR