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Our aluminium frames are optimised for strength. A small hit on weight compared to our carbon and titanium frames is balanced by even greater impact durability and lower cost.  

The new S-range will be made entirely from Aluminium 7075 with CNC-manufactured lugs. Aluminium grade 7075 has superior ultimate and fatigue strength to other grades of aluminium but it can’t be welded so it isn’t typically used in bike manufacture – because we bond all the frames we can choose 7075 – a huge deal for us as we see far too many warranties over at Dyfi Bike park.

Lug and tube construction means that we can continue to offer a huge range of sizing, bringing to bear 15 years of race team experience on how to fit improves performance and rider confidence. 

The S Range uses all our learnings to date on geometry and the DW suspension platform combined with four years of race proof and feedback from 100s of our customers riding in some of the world’s toughest locations. 


The lug and tube method creates super-strong bikes that are suitable for today’s tougher usage. For our Additive Manufactured A Range, we use custom carbon tubes joined by titanium lugs where the forces acting on the bike are strongest.

For our S Range, the lugs are created in aluminium using CNC machining and joined to Alu tubes. Because we bond our frames we can use Aluminium 7075 which has better material properties (strength) than the weldable alternatives Additive Manufacturing allowed us to accelerate learnings and compress innovation cycles - so just four years into our company’s journey we took the World Championship Gold and Silver – a first for any British Bike company. The S-range carries forward our learnings on geometry, ride performance, strength and fit with a slight hit on weight.

Our engineering approach is simple, the right material, the right shape and the right process in the right place.

How we build our bikes

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“The smooth, composed, quiet ride allows you to focus on going really fast with minimal drama.”

Mick Kirkman, MBR